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The vast majority of dental work, including most root canal treatments, are done by general dentists. Patients generally have a good relationship with their regular dentist, and especially for those patients who are fearful of getting complex work done on their teeth, this relationship can be invaluable.

However, every dentist will encounter situations where a patient needs to be referred to a specialist, and for root canal work that specialist is an endodontist.

Increasingly, patients themselves are making this choice, and so it is worth being aware of the reasons why they would do so. Many patients simply feel – rightly or wrongly – that a specialist root canal dentist will make a better job of the required treatment. Others feel that endodontists are more highly trained, and therefore will perform better work.

Whilst it is understandable that patients would choose an endodontist for specialist root canal treatment, especially in cases where this treatment is expected to be complex, many patients end up paying increased endodontist fees for treatment that could have been more than adequately performed by their regular dentist.

Let’s look at some of the advantages offered by each type of dentist.

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  • Greater expertise. Endodontists typically have the same level of education and training as a regular dentist, plus and additional few years of training at a graduate school that is entirely focused on performing root canal treatment. In addition, most endodontists perform more of this type of treatment than a regular dentist, and gain expertise in this way. Note, however, that endodontists may not be more clinically skilled in performing this work, as this is something which comes from general experience.
  • More advanced equipment. Most endodontic practices focus fully on root canal treatments, and the higher fees they charge for this work allows them to buy equipment specially designed for the purpose. Nowadays, it is not unusual to see surgical microscopes and possible even 3D X-Ray imaging in use.
  • Higher diagnostic skill. The combination of the two factors above – greater experience combined with advanced equipment – generally leads to endodontists being able to diagnose conditions more easily. This is especially true for complex root canal problems, because it is likely that your typical endodontist has already seen almost any type of complication that can occur.
  • Higher treatment success rates. Research studies suggest that the success rate for treatment completed by endodontists is marginally higher than that of the same work done by general dentists. This effect is more pronounced for certain types of teeth, but holds true across the board.
  • More advnced pain management. This can be very important for patients who are anxious about getting root canal treatment. Endodontists, having completed dozens of these procedures, are generally better able to anticipate and manage any pain produced by the treatment.

All in all, endodontists are a good option for patients who are reassured by the fact they are seeing a specialist, or for patients with complex needs. However, it is explicitly not the case that every patient, or every root canal treatment, needs an endodontist.

Let’s look now at the advantages offered by a general dentist when performing root canal work:

South Austin Endodontics

  • Lower fees. This can be the deciding factor for a lot of patients. It remains the case that endodontist fees can be significantly higher than those for a general dentist. This is true even where the two dentists are performing exactly the same work, and using exactly the same equipment. If a patients’ root canal treatment is likely to be quite straightforward, it is possible for them to save a significant amount of money by sticking to their regular dentist. For more info check our South Austin Page
  • Believe it or not, but many patients have an really good relationship with their dentist, even those patients who are anxious about getting work performed on their teeth. Having a familiar face can really calm patients undergoing what can be quite a stressful procedure. In addition, if a dentist’s staff already know the patient, they are more likely to be more accommodating in terms of billing, insurance issues, and scheduling.
  • If a patient lives in a rural part of the country, it may be that there is simply no endodontist available. If they want to seek out such specialist services, they might have to travel to the nearest metropolitan area. On the other hand, dentists in isolated communities tend to be experienced with a wide range of procedures and equipment, as they often have to perform all the dental work required by their community.
  • Having one dentist perform all the work required by a patient has great advantages in terms of clinical continuity. A patient’s regular dentist is likely to know the history of a patient’s past complaints, and it may be that these are useful in performing root canal treatments.


There are many reasons why patients may choose to get their root canal treatment done by an endodontist, or why regular dentists might refer a patient to one. Many patients feel that having a specialist work on their teeth will reduce the likelihood of complications. Others, and especially those who are anxious about visiting their dentist, may assume that endodontists will be able to manage their pain better.

In actuality, the research done on success rates of procedures carried out by both endontists and general dentists shows very little difference between them. These studies have generally been of small numbers of patients, and for every piece of research showing improved outcomes in patients who visit endodontists, there is a paper showing the opposite.

This suggests that the current system is quite well balanced. Typically, most general dentists will perform routine root canal treatments themselves, and refer what may be difficult cases to an endodontist. Similarly, patients who are more anxious about receiving such treatment will seek out an endodontist, and this can help to reduce their fears.

In both cases, the patients who require the services of an endodontist receive them, whilst those who do not need specialist services gain the advantages of seeing their regular dentist.

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