Austin’s Best Festivals

Each year, Austin plays host to numerous festivals and events. This coming 2017, locals and tourists alike are gearing up for another wave of fun concerts and celebrations. Without a doubt, this place is a community for people who love to come together and find reasons to be festive. In fact, many foreigners go to Austin for these festivals alone. Here are some of the best festivals that Austin has to offer:

South by Southwest

Best Festivals in Austin
Undeniably the biggest and most popular music festival in town, South by Southwest (SXSW) is massively advertised – not just nationally, but globally. It welcomes only the best artists and musicians from around the world, playing host to veteran hitmakers and up-and-coming talents alike. SXSW is a prime reason for many vacationers to visit Austin. It is also common for related events to be held nearby, which many guests can attend as well.

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Austin Festivals
Another gem in the festival calendar, the Austin City Limits Music Festival actually originated from a popular television show. It started only recently – in 2002 – and soon enough, it got bigger and better. Last 2013, the fall festival was extended into two whole weekends. The festival attracts all sorts of audiences, from rock fans to rap music followers. Here, all music is celebrated and beloved. In fact, even the young ones can join in, thanks to the Austin Kiddie Limits platform. A true music lover would not miss going to this festival.

Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Fest
If there are music festivals, there certainly are film festivals. Whether they are filmmakers, actors, writers, producers, or simply fans of movies in general, the Austin Film Festival serves as a fun event for many people. The festival takes place in the fall, right in the heart of downtown Austin. The Paramount Theatre plays host for the nationally acclaimed festival, which screens and scores the best movies ever made.
Writers and bookworms may have some ambiguity to deal with, though, since the festival often overlaps with the also beloved Texas Book Festival.

Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival

Best Festivals in Austin
It can be said that music and film fests can be quite intimidating, so there should be room for some light-hearted celebration. Thanks to this festival (which is one of the newest events in Austin), comedians and comic fans can come together to share a laugh or two. Prominent performers include Aziz Ansari and Maria Bamford, among others. The festival also takes place in Paramount Theatre, although it has festival-related events scheduled in other locations as well and includes some great sound systems.

Fun Fun Fun Fest

Festivals in Austin
If the name itself isn’t enough, then tourists need to experience the “fun” in person. The festival (FFF) is best known for being a frontliner in progressive music and eclectic comedy. It was only started recently (2006), but has already featured renowned performers such as Ice T, Tenacious D, and M.I.A. With a strong attendance record, it is no surprise that the FFF is projected to be a mainstay in the Austin festival calendar.
With festivals constantly lined up featuring spectacular music, movies, and artists, there is no doubt that Austin is a brewing point of culture and the arts. This is one of the biggest reasons why its tourism is in such bloom year after year.

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