Austin’s Best Parks

There are many things to do and places to see when in Austin. Tourists and locals alike have a lot to look forward to. Here are seven of Austin’s best parks:

Pease District Park

Best Park in Austin
Arguably the best park in Austin, this spot is a favorite of joggers and picnickers. This is mostly because of its accessible location, the state of peace and quiet that it possesses, and the great scenery. Common visitors also include scholars from the University of Texas, which isn’t too far away. The park is home to various local events all-year long.

Hamilton Pool Reserve

Best Parks in Austin Texas
One of the most famous tourist attractions in West Austin, this spot was once a private property. Today, though, it is partly owned by the government. Efforts are continuously in place to restore the park to its natural glory. The main takeaways include a relaxing green pool accompanied by a waterfall. It took thousands of years for mother nature to shape the formation. Back in the day, there was land above the river underground. This land collapsed in the past, but today it serves as a getaway for many nature lovers. There are trails available for hiking. Wildlife and vegetation are aplenty, too. Visitors can use the restrooms and picnic tables there, among other amenities.

Zilker Metropolitan Park

Parks in Austin
This park is located in the Barton Springs District. Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular tourist spots in Austin. Visitors can have their kids ride on trains, swim in the pool and have fun in the playground. Grown ups can also enjoy a jog or hike on the trails there. Nearby attractions include the Nature and Science Center, Botanical Garden, Hillside Theater, and the Umlauf Sculpture Garden.

McKinney Falls State Park

State park in Austin
This park adds to the natural beauty of South Austin. Spanning 640 acres, visitors will find a pool right under the waterfall. Here, guests can fish, bike, hike, and picnic as they wish. There are also facilities available for camping.

Town Lake Metropolitan Park

Austin Best Park
Another park in South Austin, this spot was developed by Lady Bird Johnson. It is popular among cyclists, hikers, trekkers, joggers, and everyone who loves nature. All year round, there are many activities available to participate in, including outdoor concerts and various festivals. The July Fourth Pops Concert is held here every year.

Bastrop State Park

Best Ausitn Park
The Bastrop Park boasts of 12 log cabins, a pool, camping grounds, a lake, and opportunities for golfing and hiking. It is the home of a pine tree forest known as the “Lost Pines”. The forest now considers East Texas its real home, though. Families can come here and enjoy outdoor activities while gazing at the elegant tapestry that is nature.

Mount Bonnell

a couple of parks in Austin
Found in North Austin, the area offers probably the best scenic view of the city – from 780 feet above sea level. People can picnic here while enjoying what nature has to offer. Guests can marvel at the Colorado River and the entirety of Austin right before their eyes.


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