Austin’s Best Parks

There are many things to do and places to see when in Austin. Tourists and locals alike have a lot to look forward to. Here are seven of Austin’s best parks: Pease District Park Arguably the best park in Austin, this spot is a favorite of joggers and picnickers. This is mostly because of its […]

Fonda San Miguel

Best Mexican Restaurants in Austin

When you feel hungry, you can never go wrong with the right Mexican food. It’s simply a matter of choosing where to get the best fajitas and tacos in town. Being the state capital of Texas, Austin is home to fine restaurants that can surely solve your Mexican cravings. Here are the best Mexican Restaurants […]

Austin's Best Hiking Spot

Best Hiking Trails in Austin

Not known to many, Austin is actually home to several hiking trails that are worth exploring. These trails offer rough yet fun challenges that will bring out the fighter in you and breathtaking views that make you want to keep coming back. With the many trails nestled in the heart of the city, there is […]

Austin’s Best Festivals

Each year, Austin plays host to numerous festivals and events. This coming 2017, locals and tourists alike are gearing up for another wave of fun concerts and celebrations. Without a doubt, this place is a community for people who love to come together and find reasons to be festive. In fact, many foreigners go to […]

Best Outdoor Movie Theater

Best Outdoor Movie Theaters in Austin

One of the more famous past times that locals in Austin love to do is watching movies in outdoor theatres. Nowadays, theaters of this kind are quite rare, so make sure to drop a visit if you happen to find yourself in Austin, Texas one day. 1. Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive in Location: 1901 […]

Austins Night Life

Austin’s Best Nightlife

Having fun at night is never a problem for one of Texas’ biggest cities, Austin. The City of the Violet Crown is full of amazing bars, cafes, dance clubs, and everything else that come with a bit of booze – ok, maybe a lot. Whenever the night needs to brighten up, ATX is the right […]

Teaching kids about cavities

Teaching Kids About Cavities

An early introduction to good oral hygiene habits and positive dentist office experiences can help your child grow up to be less anxious about visiting his dentist, and more committed to keeping his teeth healthy. Watch this video for tips on teaching your kids about cavities. Also referred to as dental caries, cavities are the […]

kids brushing their teeth. pediatric dentristy

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit

first year of life is full of new and exciting experiences. Your child’s first pediatric dentistry visit should also occur during this first year of life. If you are wondering what to expect during your child’s first trip to a pediatric dentist, keep reading for an overview of this stress-free process. Checking for Tooth Decay […]

happy family in austin, TX

Kids’ Corner at Austin Dental Specialty Group

If your child experiences anxiety when visiting the dentist, it is wise to find a pediatric dentistry office that boasts a positive and welcoming environment to alleviate children’s stress. Furthermore, children who begin their lifelong dental health care at a pediatric dentistry office with sensitive staff and caring family dentists are more likely to form […]

Dental Care provider checking teeth in Austin Texas

What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are extremely common treatments performed by dentists. Root canal therapy allows your dentist to save your natural tooth and prevent the spread of the infection that can result from its decay. Knowing what to expect during your treatment can help put you at ease while in the dentist chair. Preparing the Site Before […]