Giving Your Child a Mouth-Healthy Diet
Pediatric Dental care at ATX in Austin TX

Do you want to ensure that your child maintains a healthy diet, but worry about cavity-causing hidden sugars? Pediatric dentistry warns that an improper diet can cause tooth decay and cavities in children. Read on for some tips to help you feed your children nutritious foods without wreaking havoc on their oral health.

Read Food Labels

Pre-packaged foods are convenient when you’re constantly on-the-go with your child. However, processed foods often contain hidden sugars that cause tooth decay. Before buying pre-packaged foods, always read the nutritional label and ingredients list to check for added sugars. Try to choose natural products with a low amount of sugar. If you’re unsure which products to choose, ask a pediatric dentist for his or her suggestions.

Stick to a Natural, Balanced Diet

Check MyPlate for the breakdown of what the U.S. Department of Agriculture considers to be a healthy diet for children. A good rule of thumb for planning a balanced diet is to include fruits and vegetables as the first half of your child’s diet, with the second half consisting of dairy, proteins, and grains. Try to stick with lean and low-fat options when choosing dairy and proteins. In addition, aim for whole grains over processed grains when possible.

Promote Mouth-Healthy Diet Habits

Instill good eating habits in your children from an early age, starting when they are babies. For example, reserve bottle usage for formula or milk only. Avoid giving your child a bottle filled with juice or soft drinks, which can be habit-forming. In addition, ensure that babies finish their bottles before going to bed. Taking a milk- or formula-filled bottle to bed can encourage tooth decay. Finally, pediatric dentistry warns against allowing your child to use a sippy cup for an extended period of time.

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