Meet Dr. Pedram Khosravian
Dr. Pejman. Head Pediatric dentist

Austin Dental Specialty Group is proud to have Dr. Pedram Khosravian on our team. Dr. Khosravian is an accomplished endodontist with years of experience in general dentistry, and in his passion of endodontics. Here is a brief look at the dedicated Dr. Pedram Khosravian.

Dr. Khosravian earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine. He continued his Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency in Southern Arizona at the Lutheran Medical Center. He found his way over to San Antonio, TX and worked as a general dentist for two years. Soon after, he realized his dental passion lied in endodontics. Dr. Khosravian traveled to New York University to earn his specialty degree of endodontics. In 2012, he found himself back in Texas, now in Austin, where he and his brother, Dr. Pejman Khosravian, opened their office and have been practicing ever since.

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