Mouth-Healthy Snacks for Your Kids
delicious breakfast ensures good dental health

Everyone should eat and drink healthy and wholesome foods to maintain proper health. What are the right foods for proper dental health, though? You can entice the whole family with some great snacks that will keep their bodies and minds feeling good, as well as strengthen and protect their teeth. Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist for further dental care advice.

Calcium-Rich Foods

Food and drinks high in calcium are great for overall bone health, as well as dental health. Encouraging your children to eat low-fat cheese, milk, meats, and nuts high in calcium and phosphorous will help strengthen their tooth enamel. These items will remineralize teeth which redeposits minerals back into tooth enamel after they have been depleted by natural acids.

Crunchy Foods

Healthy, crunchy foods are great snacks to help keep your children’s teeth clean and remove plaque before it builds up. Carrots, apples, and other firm vegetables and fruits provide essential nutrients to the body, but also scrub the teeth and stimulate saliva throughout the mouth. These functions move plaque, debris, and dilute acids and sugars around the mouth, keeping them from damaging teeth and gums.

Low-Sugar Foods

Your dentist and your children’s dentist will both tell you to stay away from high-sugar foods, like candy, cookies, and sodas. Even breads and foods high in carbs can be just as unhealthy. The extra sugar content in these foods will combine with other bacteria, settle on teeth until they become plaque, and eventually turn into cavities. Encourage your children to stay away from these sugary foods and sweets. Provide them with sweet vegetables or fruits, and high-calcium or protein snacks, instead. These healthy snacks will keep their mouths, teeth, and bodies looking and feeling great.

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