What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment
Dental Care provider checking teeth in Austin Texas

Root canals are extremely common treatments performed by dentists. Root canal therapy allows your dentist to save your natural tooth and prevent the spread of the infection that can result from its decay. Knowing what to expect during your treatment can help put you at ease while in the dentist chair.

Preparing the Site

Before beginning your root canal treatment, your dentist or endodontist will take X-rays of your teeth. This step will alert your dentist to any infection that may have spread to the surrounding bone. Next, your dentist will numb your tooth and the surrounding area to guarantee your comfort throughout the procedure. She will finish preparing your mouth for your root canal by placing a rubber dam around your tooth. This step is done to prevent saliva from entering the treatment site.

Cleaning the Interior

Once your tooth is numb, your dentist will begin the procedure by drilling an access hole into the affected tooth. Using this entry point, she will remove the tooth pulp, decayed nerve tissue, bacteria, and any other remaining debris. After removing these materials from the interior of the tooth, your dentist will flush the site, disinfect it, and ensure that it’s completely clean. In some cases, your dentist may place a type of medication inside of your tooth to treat any present infections before later sealing it closed.

Sealing the Tooth

Your root canal may be completed during a second appointment. At this stage, your dentist will fill the interior of your tooth with a special paste, and a rubber compound will be inserted into the root’s canal. Finally, she will cover the original access hole with a filling. If your tooth structure has suffered severe decay, a crown may be necessary to ensure the tooth’s long-term stability.

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